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SHINE sports health integration nutrition energetics


Disrupted energetic dynamics throughout the human frame often precede and reinforce emotional and physical discomfort, leaving a de-vitalized imprint associated with the formation of abnormal cells.  Abnormal cell growth causes chronic disease, including cancer.  A method called Functional Integration allows your body to release these problematic pockets of mind-body conflict.

To address the underlying energetic dysfunction is to practice truly holistic medicine.  Catching and correcting compromised energetic patterns 'upstream,' before they cause dis-ease in the physical body is the goal of my preventive approach to medicine.


If exercise is king, nutrition is queen.  You are not only what you eat, you are also the process that transforms what you eat into your physical body.

The quality and integrity of your body depends on how well you digest, absorb, assimilate and utilize the nutrients from your food.

Biochemical resources are derived from proper digestive fuel and function, which interact to determine your body's mental, emotional and physical state.

Focus on lean meats and vegetables, with at least 50% raw foods.


"In the zone"

"On fire"

What does that really mean?

Evenly distributed kinesthetic awareness, free flowing energy throughout the meridian system of Chinese Medicine.  The mind is calm while the body is energized.  This allows precision, confidence and peace of mind.

Integration is built up with neurological re-patterning exercises and a dynamic mind-body method known asbody scanningorautogenics. After a successful therapeutic session with these methods, people experience a clear-headed euphoria that is grounded in optimal awareness and balance.


The pursuit of athletic prowess builds character, wit, strength and balance.  Challenges in competition parallel difficult yet rewarding life situations.  Integration of the whole body, in all it's physical and spiritual dimensions, help optimize athletic performance.