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Zack Allen, Naturopathic DoctorZachary Allen ND, cAK

After growing up in Ashland, Dr. Allen has now returned from Portland where he earned his medical degree as a naturopathic doctor.  Previously, Zack was a baseball pitcher at Willamette University in Salem where he studied pre-med, environmental science and spent a term in Spain, learning language skills that have enabled him to care for many Hispanic patients.  Before attending med school, he was a bilingual social service specialist at La Clinica del Valle, and also worked in Portland doing occupational and physical therapy in a post-surgical care facility.
Dr. Allen graduated with honors from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM), where he focused on musculoskeletal medicine, hormone therapy and neurological conditions.  A life-long passion for athletics has also fostered an interest in sports medicine and rehabilitation.  While attending NCNM, Dr. Allen became certified in the art and science of Applied Kinesiology (AK).  For more info, see

Triad of Health, Applied KinesiologyThe basis of AK is the triad of health, which is complementary to the principles of naturopathic medicine.  Structure is the foundation of the triad.  If a person’s physical frame is not well aligned, the mind and body will suffer.  The other components of the triad are biochemistry and emotional status.  These three can easily fall out of balance and each affects the quality of the others.  AK is a hands-on therapy that involves communication with the body via muscle testing to determine the most effective method to balance and support the triad of health.

Other methods Dr. Allen uses include lab testing, orthopedic exams and a thorough medical history.  He prescribes lifestyle change, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and pharmaceutical drugs when necessary.

Adam Holtey, holistic exercise instructorDr. Allen has been fortunate to lead workshops at Central Point Holistic Health, where his philosophy of healing is honored and supported.  Yoga classes and consultations with Adam Holtey are highly recommended.  Check out the schedule at

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